Crafting Guide

Consider our crafting guide as your FAQ page. Everything here are common questions that are asked a lot in our Amazon FBA community. This page will be constantly updated over time. We only promote our own battle-tested resources here.

Step 1

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Product Research

  1. Google Keywords Planner - (FREE) Keyword Research

  2. Google Trends - (FREE) Understand Market Trends

  3. Jungle Scout - Product Research Tool

  4. Viral Launch (Market Intelligence) ⇨ Use Code: SELLERTRADECRAFT to get $50 Off. Market Intelligence is THE MUST HAVE PRODUCT RESEARCH TOOL of 2018. Please pay for this tool at the very least!

Service Providers

  1. Inspection Service

  2. Listing Optimization

  3. Freight Forwarder

  4. Packaging Design, Photoshop, Graphics

    • Manish Kharsani

      • Skype: kompulab

    • Aabney Creative

      • Tell him Seller Tradecraft sent you

  5. Video Ads

  6. Product Inserts/How to’s

  7. Accountant

  8. Product Photography

Project Management

  1. Asana

  2. Basecamp ⇨ Get $50 Off

  3. HubStaff

Keyword Research

  1. Zonwords  - Keyword Research ⇨ Code: SCRAFT for 20% Off

  2. Merchant Words - Keyword Research

  3. Seller.Tools ⇨ 20% Off Code: STRADECRAFT

  4. Viral Launch ⇨ $50 Off Code: SELLERTRADECRAFT

Payments Processing

(Wire Transfers to Suppliers & Contractors)

Product Launch

  1. Zonjump ⇨ 10% Off Code: SELLERTRADECRAFT

  2. Viral Launch ⇨ Get $50 Dollars Off Code: SELLERTRADECRAFT

  3. MarketHustl

  4. RebateKey

PPC Software

  • Zon.Tools ⇨ Use Code: 762t3m to get 15% Recurring Product Discount

Reporting + Profit

  1. SellerBoard ⇨ FREE first 2 months

  2. ManageByStats ⇨ 10% Discount plus a bunch of bonuses

  3. HelloProfit

  4. CashCowPro

  5. Inventory Labs

Sales Tax

  • TaxJar 10% Off Code: SELLERTRADECRAFT10 + 10% Off for annual plan.

  • Xero - Account software for your overall business

  • Gusto - Payroll software for your team. Use link for $200 off


Email Follow-up

  1. ZonPages ⇨ 15% Off Code: sellertradecraft

  2. MySellerPal

  3. FeedbackWhiz ⇨ Click link for 50% Off your first month

Keyword Tracking

  1. Helium10 ⇨ Code: SELLERTRADECRAFT for 10% Off

  2. Zonwords ⇨ Code: SCRAFT for 20% Off

  3. Seller.Tools ⇨ Code: STRADECRAFT for 20% Off

Split Testing

Landing Pages


  1. MySellerPal

  2. ZonPages ⇨ Code: sellertradecraft for 15% Off

  3. Clickfunnels (Advanced)

Email Marketing


  • Siteground - For the love of god, do not use Bluehost if you don't enjoy long wait times for support—get Siteground instead!

  • Shopify - Easiest way to get a site up and running.

  • G-Suite - Google’s Suite of Apps to keep use your email. 

  • - Facebook Pixel users / Super URLs ⇨ $1 for 30 day trial



Common Questions

Private Label

1. What brands have product listings I can reference when designing my own listings?

2. How should I launch my Private Label Product? Where can I find Anthony’s Ballz to the Wallz Spreadsheet?

Product Packaging

What kind of files do I send to my product designers or packaging designer?

  • For Product designers, people creating mold and 3D molds of your physical product you’ll want to send the CAD files.

  • For packaging designers, print and etc; they will generally want AI files.

  • Aabney Creative - Seller Tradecraft Recommended

Pro Tips

  1. Bigger Photos - Make your Amazon photos appear bigger by cropping them all way to the edge of your product so there is no white space around it. Also make the photo height slightly larger than the width.

  2. Auto PCC Search Results - Don't delete ASIN's from your Auto campaign search term reports! These ASIN's will lead to other potential PL opportunities, complimentary products, and competing products to run reverse ASIN scans and discover more keywords!

  3. New Identity for China - For the DEAR god of life, create a new email, Google Voice, Skype, WhatsApp, and everything for contacting suppliers on Alibaba. It'll give you peace of mind from the spam that some of them will give you.

  4. Patent Infringement? The considerations are based on my 2 experiences where my products were hit with patent infringements where the patent owner lodged a claim with Amazon. The first case was very similar to your plight where it was my best selling product accounting for over 50% of my revenue.

    • Do not make contact with Amazon or the patent owner until you have evaluated the situation and have hired a patent attorney. Do not admit guilt and do not provide your feedback until you have a formal position.

      Your patent attorney will conduct research and investigation which includes a determination of whether you do infringe the patent (wholly or partly) and whether there was "prior art". If there was prior art (e.g. the patent was available in product prior to the patent being approved), then patent may not hold.

    • Your patent attorney will also advise whether it's worth litigating (e.g. if the patent can be challenged and would the patent owner attorney advise their client to litigate knowing that if they lost the case, there would be precedence and the patent is all but useless).

  5. Check if your keywords are indexed - Free check by MarketHustl to see if your keywords are being properly indexed and showing on Amazon.



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